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NFL Playoffs: NFC Divisional Betting Predictions After Wild Card Round


This year, the NFC conference was very balanced. When looking at the playoffs category, other than the Philadelphia Eagles, any of the other six teams could be the team representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. The Green Bay Packers are the top seed, but they have their flaws, Tampa Bay got injured, Dallas always finds a way to lose in the postseason, the Rams has been inconsistent, Arizona has struggled the past few weeks, and the experts don’t trust Jimmy Garoppolo to lead the Niners. With all that said, now is the time to take a look at NFC, and make our predictions on what the Divisional Round matches will look like so you can plan your bets against the odds of the NFC Division.

NFC Division matches predictions | NFL betting

(6) San Francisco 49ers @ (1) Green Bay Packers

In our biggest upset of the playoffs to date, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Dallas Cowboys to advance to the Divisional Round. The Niners’ hasty attack proved too much for a better-than-expected Dallas defense but folded in the post-season. San Francisco will again use the same game plan, running, jogging and running the ball to control the clock and keep Aaron Rodgers off the field.

San Francisco’s defense is finally intact, meaning they’ll have a massive pass and dash to snag Rodgers. Green Bay’s offensive streak is also improving, and that will help slow the Niners’ passing rush. Expect to see a huge dose of AJ Dillon in the post-season. Between Dillon’s run between interventions and Aaron Jones’ versatility (if he can stay healthy), Green Bay will have a powerful rushing attack. This would then open things up for Davante Adams and his cohorts.

While this is going to be a very close game, we are leaning towards the Packers. Jimmy Garoppolo is going to have to put in some plays of late, and we don’t trust him to give those plays. It will be a cold and hard battle, but the resolutes will stand tall in the end.

(4) Los Angeles Rams @ (2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Matthew Stafford was the piece Sean McVeigh needed, and even through some rough patches, Stafford led them into the division round. After a difficult victory over the Cardinals, the Rams advanced and earned a shot at the Champions.

The Rams have a lot of star power in defense, and Aaron Donald is one, if not the best defensive player in the league, but the Rams couldn’t put all the pieces in that defense together. Even though Tom Brady no longer has Chris Godwin or Antonio Brown, the Tampa Bay offense will still find a way to make things work.

Both teams will give up points and we will witness a home and away match. Quarters will throw a lot at this ball, and a massive Matthew Stafford foul could cost the Rams a chance to play on their home court in the Super Bowl.

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