List of the top new hair styles

Hairstyles in most cases are regarded as one of the most essential aspect of women appearance. The perspective of hairstyles more especially to women consumes a lot of time in terms of care and the way they style their hair for the day. The style of the hair changes from culture to culture since it portrays the choice of people. Women emphasize the hairstyles in view of the fact that it seems to be an innate desire for beauty and desire. The design of the hairstyle reflects the image of women based on their prevailing background as well as their political view. Many women desire to upgrade their hairstyles by introducing some splendid amazing and stunning look that is admirable for people.

The designers of the modern hairstyles continue to thrill fabulous mix of natural as well as weave hairstyle in order to suit every style for every occasion. There are diverse types of hairstyles that will never go out of style because of their functional significance and their trends in 2015. Hairstyles are of diverse categories based on the color as well as the cuts of the hair. They include the following,

(I) Short African American hairstyle for 2015

This type is dominant for 2015 since its textured pixie cuts full of natural volume on the top. It comes as a high popular look for women with asymmetrical bob. This trend is categorized as,

ü Short

ü Medium

ü Long

This type of hairstyle makes women ordinary and majority of them have taken the decision to move from chemically to natural hair since some products damages the hair. The modeling of this type of hairstyle end up with a flattering new look that work with the new texture. There is a wide range of varieties of types as well as textures for African American hair for women based on their choices.

How to style short Africa American hairstyle

ü Part hair from ear to ear

ü Create horizontal roll and pin in place

ü Use finishing spray for form hold

ü Use light sheen to seal the look

(II) Double Trouble Dread

This type of hairstyle features in a slim locs of French roll with a bright red high-lightened crown. As a point of fact, the neatness of this style attracts many intrigued onlookers. The use of Eco-Style gel works better purposely for the achievement of sleek looks more especially when re-twisting locs.

How to style Double Trouble Dread

ü It is essential to section out a rectangle in the interior of the head as well as rolling the hair and pinning it into the place.

ü Making a vertical roll with the rest of the locs starting from the nape to the middle of the head

ü The use of the hairspray purposely to light hold

ü The use of ends in order to make locs horizontal as well pinning into place

(III) Curly Mohawk Mania

Mohawks inspire this type of hairstyle in view of the fact that it is combined with curls and simple braid up. The use of short curly weave to stylish the hairstyle gives the perfect look on women for this style.

How to style Curly Mohawk Mania

ü The use of serum helps to add shine for the final additions

ü Braid rest of hair into desired style and pin into place

ü Braid rectangle section straight back by using curly weave as well as sew into place

ü Section out rectangle in the interior of head

(IV) Naturalista

This type of hairstyle makes women beautiful more especially during a formal event. Marley extension hair is the best product for this type of hairstyle since it suits the overall face shape hence natural curls work best with this style.

How to style Naturalista

ü Use firm holding sheen

ü Use kinky extension hair as well as rope twist it hence pinning into place

ü Braid hair from one ear to the other by pinning ends downward

(V) Twa Short and Sweet

This type of hairstyle featured in 2015 has red highlights with teeny-weeny afro perfect for a night out. It provides a beautiful texture balm that enables women to look luscious. This style suits any face shapes since short and medium curly hair works best.

How to style Twa short and sweet hairstyle

ü By using a den man brush and comb throughout the hair

ü By using fingers in order to place hair as desired

ü Spraying sheen for finishing touches

(VI) Fishtail Fantasy

This type of hairstyle features a beautiful side braid purposely for a stunning look. It is a popular design for women in 2015 since the recommended products are Keratease Cleansing Oil Shampoo for healthier hair. The use of the shampoo keeps the hair moisturized. This type of hairstyle fits all face shapes whereby natural as well as long hair is suggested for the best results.

How to style Fishtail Fantasy

ü Use of firm holds hairspray

ü It’s essential to section the hair into two unequal parts

ü It’s crucial to take the smaller section and braid four corn rows back

ü Making a fish tail braid with the left over hair for a side ponytail

ü Tease the rest of the hair and soft smooth into a chignon

(VII) Finger Frenzy Curls

This type of style is common during summer in view of the fact that it is heatless curls. In order to achieve the softness and beautifulness, it is vital to use recommended product such as Eden Heart Oat milk and Honey Daily. This style suits any face shape.

How to style Finger Frenzy Curls

ü Use light sheen for final changes

ü Take medium sections of hair and twist hair around finger for defined curls

ü Repeating the entire process in order to achieve a complete curl

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In conclusion, hairstyles enhance a good complexion that makes women radiant and impressive. These styles expose the stunning beauty of women hence offering a formal and graceful feel. Therefore, 2015 hairstyles are incredible and admiring suitable for women. Culture as well as fashion in most cases explores the social importance of hairstyles. This explains the significance of hair by presenting a critical engagement with hair. The daily experience of human beings creates a social identity within fashions as well as self-expression. Hairstyles gives a better look for various events women attend hence creating a new experience every year.